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Everybody needs a Nonna!


When I was growing up everyone had a babba, a Nonna, a Nana, a gigi, a yaya, or a grandma or grannie. Their home was the center of their family and it was where every holiday or celebration was held. They would go there on Sunday for dinner and enjoy the afternoon with their cousins, uncles and aunts. They would eat desserts, and left overs all day long, and play cards, and eat again before coming back to our neighborhood to play just before the sun set. Every holiday was a large affair with parents baking, and cooking food everywhere, and children laughing and sneaking tastes of cookies, frosting, whipped deliciousness in bowls, and running before they were caught! All of us knowing that we would soon be in the magical house of our grandparent where the entertaining and relationships were built for our lifetime.

It is my generation that remembers and lingers over dishes, and bowls. We hold on to plates, and servers. We look at table settings, and sigh remembering who sat at which end of the table, and can hear the laughter and the tears throughout the years of growing up cooking and eating at the small and large tables throughout our lives on regular plates and china in small and large houses. We would sit in one room crowded around a table closely pressed against each other so we could all be at the table together. Lucky we had such an opportunity to be in the same place at the same time. Or we would be spread across an entire house with people eating in chairs, at the table, cross-legged on the floor, on the sofa, watching football, in the kitchen, wherever there was a foot of space, because we had all managed to be home that holiday. But we were together and we had again a relationship, a connection.

What made all of this possible? A grandma, a nonna, a gigi, a nana, a babba. Someone who connected them with her heart, her food, and showering them with love. She did so also with her dishes. The same ones that they saw at every meal they came to. The ones that set each table. They might be simple or fancy. They might be white or colored. But they reminded them of being there and of family. She always had the correct dish for everything on the table. The biggest bowl for mashed potatoes. The gravy bowl, or gravy boat. The vegetable bowl that was perfect for green beans. The meat platter that held the best beef roast in the world. But grandma or Nonna had those things at her fingertips. They sometimes were only hers, or had been passed down from age to age in the family. Each member of the family could find it in the house blindfolded. She had everything and when we needed it for our own party – we called grandma!!


Then there was the dessert dishes which were her specialty. They would establish the crown glory of her table. After all the dishes from dinner would be cleared, the dessert dishes would arrive and all the treats from her labors of love would slowly be carried as treasures from the kitchen and brought as gifts to the kingdom to the table. Then would come the serving plates she had gathered over years. Each one a bit different from the last, but coordinated together to tell a story of who she was. Every child at the table no matter what age, had their favorite, and she knew them by heart. She would serve both their favorite dessert on their favorite plate and hand them lovingly to them as if to say,

“I made this and this wonderful celebration of life today, just for you”.

This is what Nonna’s Little Secret is all about. We recognize in today’s busy world, you don’t have the space and time to go and find the perfect dishes every time you wish to bring family and friends together at home for the entertaining and relationship building you do. No matter what the occasion, We’ve Got the Dish!!

Nonna’s Little Secret has the dishes to convey your love and care to family when it is a holiday and you want to say

“I love and miss you all the year round!”


Nonna’s Little Secret has the dishes to put on the table and say, “I wish the very best to my son and my soon-to-be-daughter on their marriage!” when you celebrate the night before their wedding! We help to bring to your home their love and set the stage for the establishment of a strong and forever love between parents and children.

Nonna’s Little Secret has the china for a wedding of 200 of your closest friends to ask them to be your support and best guardians of your love and you and your best friend walk into the next level of love and say “I DO!”

Nonna’s Little Secret can find enough sweet party plates and cups to combine with our punchbowls that a gaggle of women and their daughters can gather to discuss and encourage the new mother to be a few weeks before she becomes a bleary eyed mommy and a newborn duo!

Nonna’s Little Secret has the tea sets to put together the perfect tea party for the sassy little gal who just turned 6 and wants to show her fashion with all her little gal pals with a tea party and glamour shots!

Nonna’s Little Secret has the luncheon plates for your besties and the wine glasses when all you want to do is get together and watch some chick flicks, eat some finger food, drink wine and unwind with friends!!!

Without a grannie, a grandma, a gigi, a babba, a yaya, nonna, there would be no place to get those killer serving plates, those 20 luncheon plates, the 5 extra wine glasses, or the extra dinner plates you don’t have for your party. We always called our grandma!! But now you have your source!! It’s Nonna’s Little Secret!!! We’ve Got the Dish! And we do the dishes!